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iMARK$ is a billing program, but customer billing is not required to benefit from the software.  HiMARKS products are designed to satisfy all record keeping needs of commercial businesses, private farm owners, and breeding facilities not involved in a commercial service or resale business..


Once the required information is entered for your horse and it’s owner( name, sex, arrival date, address information) any service rendered to that horse may be recorded and/or billed through the HiMARKS - TRANSACTION ENTRY page. 



HiAMRK$ Equine Management Software
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  1. Select the service
  2. Select the horses by saying “yes”
  3. *Select the date of the service
  4. *Select the service Provider
  5. *Enter the Quantity, if it is greater than 1
  6. Indicate if you want to be reminded for a future service date
  7. *Enter the amount to be charged to the customer
  8. *Enter the farm cost for this service
  9. Click SAVE

* procedures may be set up to display (default) each time the service is selected, therefore automatically entering information for you and making entry very quick and easy. HiMARKS comes with hundreds of preset services you can customize with your farm descriptions, fees and cost.  You can ADD new services, Edit, Delete or Inactivate any services.



Your services are then recorded to the following areas in HiMARKS

  1. The customer’s charges preview,
  2. Cost/expense record – for the individual horse,
  3. Care Record – for horse(s) health services, vet services &/or breeding record
  4. Activity Planner - if the service applies, schedules that service for a future date
  5. Provider record - allocates the service charge and cost to the responsible provider or care giver for that service by the date provided and horse.
  6. Revenue and Financial Reports  - compiles service charges by income category and subcategory to become a part of the Revenue Report for cash or accrual income. The data is then easily transferred to other income accounts.


Accounts Receivable

INVOICES - Once the charges are created through Transaction Entry an invoice is created for each customer. The invoice details the customers beginning balance, new charges, payments and credits received, and current balance due.  Late charges may be applied, if desired.

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HiMARKS is a comprehensive revenue managing system, it tracks all customer charges and payments automatically. The following income and accounts receivable reports are available.

  1. Revenue Report: (Summary or detail of all billed charges by Income Group; example: Board, Training, Stallion Fees, Farrier, Vaccinations, etc.)
  2. Customer Rev/Crdt/Rfnd Rpt: aka Cash Receipts Journal (Detail of all Customer Payments, Credits, and Refunds)
  3. Service Code Revenue Report: (Detail of transactions involving any one or all individual Service Codes; example: What horses had West Nile inoculations this year? This report will list each horse, owner, date given, notes, and amount billed for the West Nile Service Code).
  4. Cost Analysis: Detail of costs associated with the horse for any given time period. The report may list individual horse, all customer horses, or all farm horses.
  5. A/R Aging Report: aka Aged Accounts Receivable (Summary by Customer of all unpaid balances aged 0/30/60/90/90+ days past due)


Accounts Payable –Standard accounting and billing software can not provide equine professionals the information they require for good management, horse health and horse reproduction.  HiMARKS is designed to enhance your current accounting methods, not replace it. HiMARKS provides documentation and instruction for transferring account information.  Employee Information – Machinery and supply inventory- Depreciation - Profit and Loss - 

Do You Use QuickBooks? Click here for our HiMarks to QuickBooks Manual.


Purchase and Sale Records -  Records include date of sale and/or purchase, private sale or auction transaction information, cost of transaction, agent fees, commission fees, sale location, payment records, purchaser or previous owner information. Year end report of transactions.

Farm Owned Inventory Report - Purchases and Sales

Horse business software, Horse management software, Equine business software, Equine management software, Equine accounting, Horse accounting
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Failure to review service pricing vs. cost and make informed herd reduction decisions are the two main reasons equine businesses fail.

The report is unique to HiMARKS. It displays farm cost in maintaining customer owned and farm owned horses. Report breaks down by specific horse, specific customer, all customers, or all farm owned horses.

Report results help managers make tough decisions that can only be made with proper and accurate costing details.

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