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HiMARK$,the equine business software that increases productivity and profitability by managing time and money effectively.


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  Discover Why HiMARK$ is the ideal tool for Equine Professionals. HiMARK$ Equine Software is the premier choice for Income Management, Horse Health Management, Breeding Management, Competition & Training Management, Time Management, and Customer Management.

HiMARK$ Income Management

  HiMARK$ is a billing program, but customer billing is not required to benefit from the software.  HiMARK$ products are designed to satisfy all record keeping needs of commercial businesses, private farm owners, and breeding facilities not involved in a commercial service or resale business..

HiMARK$ Horse Health Management


HiMARK$ records and tracks all health care maintenance and veterinary services at the same time the service is entered. Services may then be viewed on screen or through many reports.

As health and veterinary care is entered through HIMARK$ Transaction Entry, the date of service, the service description and the service provider is recorded for each horse.  Health history may be viewed by clicking “CARE” or “INFO” on the Horse Maintenance window.


HiMARK$ Reproductive Management


HiMARK$ offers the best in Equine Reproductive Management Software for Mare Owners and Stallion Owners. The integrated database gives you all the information you need to track and maintain your mare and stallion breeding status and history. HiMARK$ makes it easy to enter breeding notes and data, bill for services and generate breeding worksheets and reports without moving from screen to screen. Your paper reports, notes and worksheets will become a thing of the past. Let HiMARK$ prepare for tomorrow’s work today…it’s easy.


HiMARK$ Mare Management


HiMARK$ Breeding History and Activity Calendar is the hub for all breeding reports and worksheets.  The database operates through the calendar.  The user selects the Breeding Description and Code from the calendar menu.  Breeding codes are provided by HiMARK$, but they may also be customized by the manager. Breeding codes may also be assigned to a service description and a fee assigned for direct and immediate billing of services to owners. Once the code is entered, palpation results and notes may be recorded by manager.  All information is then fed through the system to create the palpation worksheets and reports.


HiMARK$ Stallion Management


HiMARK$ thoroughly addresses all aspects of stallion reproduction and produces valuable reports and worksheets needed to make informed and immediate decisions.


HiMARK$ Competition and Training Management (RTC Module)


The RTC Module allows instructors and trainers to create their own templates to track any goal or objective. Student Lesson Progress, Horse Training Progress and Competition Results can all be entered into the RTC Module.


Time Management from HiMARK$


Activity Reminders and Scheduling – Multiple ways to REMIND yourself.
Schedule ANYTHING - Futurity and Show entries, Lessons , Horse Health Services, Client Services, Personal Appointments


Solutions from HiMARK$


Equine Management Software for Training Facilities, Breeding Farms, Farriers, Boarding Stables, and Equine Veterinary Practices.


HiMARK$ Products


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HiMARK$ Customer Care


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About HiMARK$


HiMARK$, is an Iowa Limited Liability Corporation based out of Marion, Iowa. With a sales and customer service facility in Oak Grove, Missouri and Whitesboro, Texas.

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